Easy Way to Grab Japanese Text from Manga and Video Games (OCR)

Easy Way to Grab Japanese Text from Manga and Video Games (OCR)

Easy Way to Grab Japanese Text from Manga and Video Games (OCR)

Welcome to this tutorial showing you how to quickly grab text from images then using applications to streamline the searching process. I’ll be showcasing this with manga and video games.

Decided to take the time making this tutorial that I wanted to make forever! What kicked this off was speaking on the LLJ server with a person named: 懸巣. They showed their setup and it really inspired me to then expand my previous setup using Capture2Text in order to get to this stage. As well as mention of ShareX by another friend which allowed me to give ShareX OCR a chance once again. (A previous version was a lot slower to capture text but it’s been improved greatly since then)


Capture2Text is one of the fastest OCR I’ve used and it’s not that tricky to get it working out of the box. I use it for the majority of text I grab with backgrounds that are solid and not too complex.

ShareX is something to use when the background is a little bit complex and Capture2Text struggles to capture it, though it is a little bit slower in comparison.

One software I didn’t feature is KanjiTomo. This requires a bit more configuration for it to be optimal but it essentially detects text by drawing rectangles over the characters, analyses a word and can copy to clipboard. My experience wasn’t too good with this but it works for some.

Make sure to place your JGlossator folder in a space that is not syncing with any type of cloud storage as that can slow down the process.


00:00 Introduction
00:36 Clipboard Inserter
02:33 Capture2Text
05:38 ShareX OCR
08:12 JGlossator
16:06 Playing Games with this Setup


Quizmaster’s website:

Clipboard Inserter:




Yomichan tutorial (by MattvsJapan):

LLJ (Let’s Learn Japanese):
This is NukeMarine’s approach to learning language (specifically Japanese).

Let me know if you guys have trouble setting up ShareX’s OCR. I can try to replicate that process if it’s causing trouble. It shouldn’t cause too much trouble.



He sends me exclusive tracks for me to work on with most of my videos! Really appreciate that support and if you like the vibe, check him out!

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